The Purest, Most Effective
Pharmaceutical Grade Cryogen
for Candela Lasers

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Research Indicates there are only two manufacturers of
134a tetraflouroethane (Cryogen) in the world: DuPont and ICI

Only DuPont manufactures 134a/P, the pharmaceutical grade of this cryogen coolant for Candela Lasers.

There are five "fillers" of cryogen coolant in the USA. Only two of them use the best pharmaceutical grade cryogen available (DuPont Dymel 134a/P).

  • Kool Blast Gas is one of them and is the best and most reasonably priced coolant.
  • Your laser manufacturer is NOT one of them.

You will be told all 134a Cryogens
are the same—they definitely are not!

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Use Kool Blast Gas
pharmaceutical grade cryogenic coolant
for Candela Lasers
and in a short period of time experience:

  • IMPROVED EFFICACY of treatment
  • LESS FOULING of distance gauge windows
  • LESS DOWN-TIME AND REPAIRS on your lasers (even under warranty, you lose treatment hours waiting for repairs)


Kool Blast Pharmaceutical Grade Cryogen (Dymel 134 a/P)
1000 gm canisters in case quantities of 12 canisters

$29.00 (US) for the 1000 gm canister